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Should You Pay Twice as Much for a Mac?

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Re: http://blogs.eweek.com/applewatch/content/channel/should_you_pay_twice_as_much_for_a_mac.html

One may also ask :

  • Should you pay ten times more than a Corolla for a Ferrari or Porsche? (Their function are the same to 80% of their owner 80% of the time anyway.)
  • Should you pay a few times more to fly business/first class?

The selling point of a Mac is probably the Mac OS, the integration of the OS and the hardware, and those many cool utility applications that come with the OS. If you’re comparing by hardware cost, you’re obviously missing the points.

Except in the graphics design and publishing industry, the Macs is targeting more towards the consumers rather than the corporates. Most of them probably won’t calculate the price-performance ratio and payback period before purchase. The emotional factor plays a much bigger role here. You don’t need to do rational calculation to justify why people are buying Mac. How could you rationally justify a Ferrari?

If Apple wants a larger piece of the corp market, they got to make the price-performance more comparable to a PC. But I doubt they’d want to do that, given the slim margin in that market.

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August 9th, 2008 at 8:27 am

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